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Crossfit Scores is a user-friendly app that combines the thrill of
fitness with the excitement of gamification
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We make things better because we believe in continuous improvement and the power of innovation.
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Crossfit and fitness in general deserves nothing less than
exceptional service
Artsiom Dacheuski, Crossfit Scores CEO

What Our Clients Say

This program sets a new standard for tournament management with its exceptional cleanliness and organization.
Your service has truly been a game-changer for us as tournament judges, organizers, and athletes. It simplifies our job in so many ways, making the entire experience smoother and more efficient.
Denys Kniazyk Tournament Organizer
Excitedly anticipating the upcoming features of the service!
Joining tournaments and tracking my progress has never been easier since I started using this service. As an athlete, I appreciate the seamless process of signing up for tournaments, submitting my workout results, and seeing my rank on the leaderboard
Janya Clebert Athlete
Being a main judge has never been more seamless.
The platform has allowed me to efficiently monitor participants, accept their workout submissions, and maintain control over the full flow of tournament judges. The intuitive interface and comprehensive features have simplified my role and made it easier to manage the complexities of organizing and overseeing multiple competitions
Olivia Johnson Main judge
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